Can I add a second macbook to a new 2011 time capsule?


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Mar 22, 2011
We have one macbook using a new 2011 Time Capsule. I want to add a second macbook to it for back up. We have plenty of space (one MBP is 500GB and the other is 240GB).

Do I need to reset the time capsule and start over, or can I just add it? I see on the new MBP when I start Time Capsule, I get an option for a drive called "data" on my current time capsule.



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Oct 23, 2011
You should just be able to add the computer to the Time Capsule and it will begin creating its own set of back ups without affecting the other back ups that have been created by other computers.

(You can also do this with Time Machine disks.)


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Aug 9, 2009
Portland, OR
We have two MBAs backing up to a single TC. It works without any problems at all. As the previous post said... the two backups will be independent and will not affect each other. The data remains separate in their own sparse bundles.

I *THINK* that only one backup can be open at a time (I am not positive)... so one machine may have to wait for the other to finish... but you will probably never notice this in daily use.

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