can I add basic information like PDF documentation to Application packages?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by g-boac, Nov 9, 2010.

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    For many of the applications I have (including Apple applications such as Aperture, iWork, etc), I have PDFs of the User Manuals that I've downloaded from Apple or other support websites.

    Would there be any harm in me dropping my user manual PDFs into the package at the top level (outside the >Contents folder)? I absolutely know to be cautious about messing with items within the >Contents folder, but wondering whether there is any harm in dropping in user guides or other related reference information into the package, outside the Contents or other key program folders within the folder.

    Ultimately, I'm just looking for a way to keep my documentation organized and with whatever program it corresponds to. I've found that too many times, I download program manuals and tip sheets, and then I can't find where I put them on my hard drive. :) Also trying to avoid having duplicates of folders (i.e., a "Photoshop" folder in my /Applications and a "Photoshop" folder in my /Documents).

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    To my knowledge, I don't think this will cause any problems; applications only know to open files they know are there. If you wanted to be cautious and still do this, you could create a backup of one application, copy the manual into its package, and see if it works.

    That said, there are probably more efficient ways to keep track of manuals that don't require messing with the .app packages. I would suggest keeping them in a "Help Manuals" folder in your home directory, and perhaps using Spotlight to find any you forgot to move. Or, you could create a Smart Folder that looks for PDFs that contain "Manual" or "User Guide" in their text.
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    Thank you for your response! And something to consider. . .I guess my issue is that I have made several "Manuals", "Help Manuals" and User Guides folders. . .also I wanted to find a way to access manuals across several accounts. But your suggestion is one that might work too, so I'll give that a shot.


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