Can I add my AEX as an ETHERNET client to my time capsule

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by dave999z, Aug 8, 2009.

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    I will soon get a time capsule. The only thing it does not have, which I need, is an audio jack so I can use airtunes. I have an old (circa 2004) airport express. I would like to set the airport express right next to the time capsule and add it as a client on the time capsule's ethernet network. I prefer to connect it via ethernet, than to just add the AEX as a wireless client of the time capsule, for two reasons: 1) if connected via ethernet the AEX is less likely to drop off the network for random reasons. 2) the AEX is old and I don't want it to slow down the time capsule's wireless network (every other wireless client of the time capsule will be 802.11n).

    So I basically want to shut off the AEX's wireless capability, and just connect it via ethernet as a LAN client of the time capsule. Is this possible? Or is wireless the only way to add an AEX as a client to a network?


    P.S. I searched but could not find a definitive answer on this.
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    shouldnt be a problem at all.

    I tested it with my 802.11n AEX just connected to ethernet to a timecapsule as well.
    I disabled wireless, enabled airtunes and was able to use it as i would if it were wireless.

    so your method is good to go as far as i can tell.
    launch airportutility, just disable wireless so devices dont try to connect to it or prevent any sort of signal interference/interruption.
    then click on Music and enable airtunes.

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