Can I be kicked out of the developer program...

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by X707, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Nov 14, 2011
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    I doubt they would ever know. They are not looking at the devices you test on... but you can brick your device if you don't do it correctly and I'd be hesitant to take my jailbroken device to an apple store for repairs. Also I'm not sure how broken devices will work with iCloud. Don't jaibreak your device if you don't have to and if you already have, it will be fine to test on. Apple's iOS is limited to many people's liking but lets be honest, most people with jail broken devices have at one time or another used them to pirate other people's apps (not cool!).

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    I thought Apple made Jailbreaking Legal, as long you don't do any other illegal stuff with it?
    (they are stealing half of the idea's of jailbroken apps themselves though).
    So ofcourse not, you won't be kicked out of developer program :)
    I had mine jailbroken, since i moved country's, and my phone was provider related. so I had my first iphones jailbroken because of that reason. There is no harm in it.
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    Yes, you can be kicked out of the developer program for jail breaking your device. I recall there was a news article on MacRumors about it a year or two ago that some prominent hacker was kicked from the developer program because he had jailbroken his device.

    Regarding the legality of it... Apple hasn't said it's legal, I'm fairly certain the developer agreement you have to say you agree to when you sign up to the program still says it's not permitted. Some courts have ruled that it's legal for owners to jailbreak their own devices, but Apple hasn't changed what they put in the legal agreement they make you sign and I don't think anyone has taken them to court over it yet.
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    Jailbreaking may or may not be legal depending on your country laws. I recall that in the U.S. there is a recent new exception to the DMCA which allows for jailbreaking.

    Now of course, if the developer contract you've agreed to says it isn't allowed, then you'd be breaking that agreement.

    Perhaps you should flip a coin to decide how important it is to you to jailbreak your device.
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    +1 I agree totally.

    Jail breaking should be no big thing except for breaking the agreement with Apple. You paid for your iPhone (or finished your plan) then the phone is yours. You buy a car, you can modify it. You buy a phone, you can modify it. I have not jail broken it since I am learning but I am getting tiered of companies, like Apple, telling you how you have to use their products. 6 months ago I signed up so I could locate my phone using The other day I lost my phone in my room and tried to locate it but now I have to be a iCloud member to to keep using that feature.

    Getting tiered of Apple pushing people down their road. I miss the old Apple Computer "Think Different", now it's "Think Different as log as it is the way we want you to think".

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