Can I Buy ?

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    Can I Buy ?

    Do you know your financial numbers? Do you like the financially informed and confident feeling when you buy something you want? Here is the app to give you that financial empowerment.

    Most of us don't even know how much is our monthly income and expense. This app makes you aware of your financial numbers by making it available at your fingertips, which is key to your financial success.

    Even though you are the ultimate decision maker. This app is a tool that helps you make wise decision to buy something based on your financial numbers.

    Use this app to teach kids their early money lessons. Kids want to buy something ask them put their financial information, like what is their saving in piggy bank? what is their monthly allowance? etc. App will tell them whether they can buy or not and reason for the same.

    Can I buy? is the first step towards financial smartness and recovery.

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    All negative responses and mostly single star ratings?
    Why all the hate?
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    First Version was buggy.

    First version was buggy , Now all the bugs are fix.

    All the calculation are little conservative.

    And most of time it will DENIED.
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    can i buy ? app

    few ipad images added.

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