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    My Apple ID is still from back in the day... is there any way I can change it to If I log in to the 'Manage Apple ID' website, it will work with any of the three (,, but it still shows as being the actual ID with the other two as alternate ID's/aliases. Is it possible?
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    It doesn't matter. Anytime you're asked for your AppleID, you can use any of the three. Use whichever you like.

  3. Solomani, Nov 18, 2012
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    Dear Original Poster,

    The answer at this time is NO. A big fat NO. Courtesy of Apple.

    When you go to the website, it is possible to change your Apple ID, however Apple clearly states that there are 3 restrictions/requirements for you to choose a new Apple ID:

    1) Apple ID must be a valid email address

    2) Must not be an email address already in use (by someone else)

    3) Apple ID must NOT use a domain owned by Apple

    #3 is the big doozy. Someone at Apple needs to get slapped in the face for this restriction. The logical thing would be for Apple to *encourage* the use of their own Apple-centric domains for their own Cloud services (,,,, just kidding about eWorld, you all are too young to know what the hell that is....). But apparently, logic has failed Apple in this. Screenshot below.

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    Yes, I'm digging up an old post, but this issue is as relevant now as it's ever been. It presents a slightly different issue to the many posts requesting that we be able to merge two DIFFERENT Apple IDs. All I want to do is to have my main Apple ID reflect my primary e-mail address and for that e-mail address to be my address (without, of course, setting up a new account and without using one account for store purchases and another for iCloud services). I left feedback on Apple's feedback website ( under the iCloud section and I encourage others who feel similarly to do the same. Thanks! Here's a copy of my feedback:

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    I'd agree with this. I can log into iCloud or send/receive e-mail from or

    Doesn't make any difference which I choose as my @me account was migrated to the @icloud account. I guess if the @mac account was migrated to the @me account the same would apply.

    ps: my appleid isn't crazybadger :D

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