Can I change name associated with computer without complete re-install?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by macbook123, Dec 12, 2008.

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    Feb 11, 2006
    I've just sold my old Macbook Pro. I did a clean re-install recently after I got a new laptop but must have typed in my name during the process, so that the main account is now associated with the login name. I was able to change the login name easily by going to Sys Preferences->Accounts, but couldn't change the name associated with it (mine). The person who now bought the computer would like to change it to his name. Just called Apple and the person on the phone didn't seem the technologically most savvy and suggested to simply do a complete re-install. This seems 1) a waste of electricity (given that all that needs to be changed is two words somewhere on the hard drive) and 2) is problematic as I kept the Leopard CD and would need an 8 GB DVD which is hard to find where I live. So are there any other ways to do this apart from a re-install?

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    Create a new admin account. Delete the old one.

    Hold on, what exactly did you change? The User Name field in the account preferences, or the short name after right clicking the user in account preferences?

    Anyway, my first suggestion is probably the cleanest.

    And am I right to take from your last couple sentences that the MBP originally came with Tiger and you installed Leopard to sell, but kept the Leopard DVD? Which is a violation of the EULA, if that's what you did.
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    System Preferences > Sharing > Computer Name

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