Can i change the motherboard and do the following?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by XxpikachuxX, Jun 4, 2014.

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    Hi, first all i have a mint iphone 5 but its locked to att,I already tried calling apple and at&t about the unlock but none will unlock, the thing is i used to have an iphone 5 from at&t but it was fully paid but i never got it unlocked, it broke down, apple gave another at&t phone but since i never had a contract with them they wont unlock it nor apple i dont know what to do now, but my brother in law has an iphone5 in really bad condition it will turn on but the screen is crack the back is all beat up etc, but it is from verizon and unlock, if i change the internals from that phone no the one in mint condition would it that work? making the mint iphone with the internals of the other, would that make it unlock? sorry if i confuse any of you and thanks!:confused::mad:
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    Yes, your phone will work like verizon if you do not damage anything during swap
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    AT&T made it impossible to unlock them if they do not do it. Also you can swap the boards. Watch the ifixit video and do not touch the board with a metal screw driver. Buy a spuger and the star bit to open the iPhone, you will also need a small Phillips and flat head.
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    I think I confused... But if I guess correctly what you want to do... You want to take your brother-in-law's phone and turn it to your phone for using on AT&T network because you think his phone is unlocked? No. The Verizon and Sprint phones are unlocked so they can be used with any GSM carriers, EXCEPT the ones in the US (mainly att and tmo).
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    Lol. You can't unlock a Sprint phone.
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    LTE Verizon phones, which the iPhone 5 is, are unlocked and can be used on US carriers. You are correct for older versions like the 4S or non LTE Verizon world phones. So the OP would be able to swap the internals between the two phones, but personally I'd rather not take the risk of messing something up doing the switch so I'd recommend selling the iPhone and putting the money towards just buying a new already unlocked one.

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