Can I configure click wheel button?


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Jan 16, 2005
I have a wheel mouse for my PB. I want to set up the button of the wheel to use Expose. Can I do this? There are no specific settings in System Prefs under mouse.

Is there a bit of software that can do it for me? I want to be able to Expose show all windows using my mouse without moving the mouse to a screen corner or use a keyboard shortcut.


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Mar 19, 2004
Arlington, TX
Go to System Preferences, then choose Expose. In the bottom section, change the "All Windows" setting to "Middle Mouse Button." Then, when you click the scroll wheel, it's the same as pressing F9!


Also, if it's like my Logitech mouse, and if you've installed the software that came with it, you can click on your mouse under "other" at the bottom of system preferences and set it up that way. For mine, I can tell the wheel click, for instance, to be "advanced click" and be "button three" and then ask the Expose section to show all windows using "button three". Yours may be similar to this. I can also ask a mouse function (through the mouse software again) to be a keyboard shortcut, therefore it could be assigned "F9" and activate all windows in Expose. Hope this helps!
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