Can I convert an iPhone into an old style phone?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by hajime, Jun 29, 2016.

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    Hello, this is for my relative. She prefers to use old style phone (those people used at home before cell phones became popular) and concerns about health effect of cell phone. She stays home most of the time. I guess it would be good if there is a product that allows her to plug an iPhone to it and use the old style phone handset. From google, it looks like there are quite a few. Any good recommendation?
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    Why wouldn't she just use an old style phone???
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    Indeed, why the iPhone? If she's afraid of 'radation', then by all means plug an old fashioned phone in an outlet. Or get a hands-free kit and dock the iPhone so it's further away.
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    From a health perspective, regular EarPods or speakerphone mode would keep it away from her head, and be far less awkward than plugging in a handset that's several times larger than the phone.

    But consider that this is someone who probably has no interest in using the iPhone as anything other than a phone, and therefore may have no motive to learn how to use it. Your reward for "helping" your relative may be a very long string of "help me" requests.
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    u know any cell phone emit RF, not just smart phones, so going back to an older phone will no help..

    an iphone will still be an iphone,,, any accessory or cover will only "look" like an older phone..... but its still has all the apps...

    Just don't use them, disable options or get a non smart phone as the only options. I think u can get smartphones that still have physical keyboard, but Apple is not one of them
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    Go ahead and let her know that there are absolutely 0 health risks associated with using the phone.
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    She prefers to use an old style phone but she may need to contact her friends while on the streets. So, I considered to get her an iPhone that she could use both at home and on the streets (same phone number, pay less bills).

    She just learned how to press the green button or slide to receive phone calls. She does not type nor has the motivation to learn. So, no messages, FB, etc. Some of her friends abroad want to contact her using Whatsapp as it is free. Thus, I considered to get her a smartphone rather than an old dumb phone.

    So, what suggestions do you have?
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