Can I delete my bookmarks from iCloud?

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    I've just sorted out my bookmarks on my Mac, and uploaded them to Xmarks, however, for some reason my bookmarks/favourites keep being overwritten, presumably from iCloud.

    Is there anyway I can delete the iCloud bookmarks, or can I force overwrite them with my Safari bookmarks on my Mac, and therefore sync them with my iPhone and iPad?

  2. Brookzy, Nov 24, 2016
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    I'm going to assume your Mac, iPhone, and iPad all use the same iCloud account. In which case:
    • On your Mac, go to iCloud preferences, and uncheck Safari.
    • On your iPhone, delete all your bookmarks. They hide in lots of places so make sure you delete them all (e.g. 'Bookmarks Bar', 'Bookmarks Menu')
    • Wait a good 15 minutes and check your iPad. Have the bookmarks been deleted from there too? If yes, proceed, if not, wait longer until they delete themselves (don't manually delete them - iCloud will get very confused if you do that)
    • On your Mac, re-check Safari and press OK when you are warned that your current bookmarks will be uploaded and merged with iCloud.
    Job done.
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    Thanks mate, that worked perfectly!!

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