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Jun 17, 2005
So I want to buy a PowerBook for college next year, and I got really excited when I saw both of these deals: one is a regular $100 rebate, and the other is $100 off of any printer purchased with the mac. At first I thought I could qualify for both of them ($100 off my PB plus a free printer = sweet deal!) but then I realized that they both ask for the UPC of the powerbook. Any way around this? I doubt a photocopy of the UPC would work... any ideas? Here are the two offers:

Go Save. $100 Rebate Promo

$100 off printer with Mac purchase

Thanks in advance!


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Yes, I did this last year. Make a copy of the iBook UPC, and send it to Apple with a letter explaining your situation. Something like this:

Please find enclosed required paperwork for the Cram & Jam $200 rebate for my recent purchase of a G4 iBook and 20g 4G iPod. While the original UPC label for the iPod is enclosed, I have only been able to supply a copy of the iBook UPC due to the fact that I also was required to send a UPC from the same iBook to the HP Printer rebate.

Apple understands this and will send your rebate. Note mine request was for the Cram 'n Jam (usually starts in July), not just the rebate you describe. Is the $100 rebate on top of your education discount?


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Oct 20, 2002
Peronally, if I were in the same situation, give Apple a call. The phone call is free. I would feel more comforatable knowing the proper procedure. Otherwise you could loose out on both.



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Jan 6, 2004
i would call as wdlove suggests, just to be on the safe side, better than losing out on the deals