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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Aea, Jul 19, 2007.

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    May 23, 2007
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    I got a brand new MBP last night, and I'm eager to get started on it, it is both for work and play, but sometimes the two need to mix.

    I will be running Windows on it solely for the purposes of games. I only play EVE Online, HL2, and some HL1 mods, but I want to do lots of fraps now that my machine allows it, so I don't know how I should set up my partitions.

    I will definitely need at least 30GBs of space for XP + Crap + Games + Fraps Space, but I want to do all my video editing on the mac side (obviously), so the questions (which probably have been answered countless of times) are...

    - Can I transfer from XP over to MAC?
    I format it to FAT32, suck up the 4 GB limit and enjoy seemless transfers? (when on the mac side) Or is there another way?

    - Can I modify the windows partition?
    I heard you have to reinstall, but I'm wondering if you can increase the size of the windows partition without reinstalling, I really wouldn't want to spend a lot of disk space on Windows unless I choose to use it exclusively.

    - Any final comments on how I should go about the setup?
    I'm thinking that 30GBs would be enough for everything, EVE is about 1-2GBs, HL2 + HL1 takes about 5GBs, think I'll have about 15GBs for video.

    And before anybody says so, once it becomes necessary I will be upgrading to a 250GB (or higher) drive and 4GBs of ram :)
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