Can I export Outlook data to a Mac address book? Which one do I want to use

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by ljrkrispes, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Jul 12, 2008
    My thanks to those who took the time to advise me regarding WIndows XP, Quicken for Windows and Quicken for the Mac. I jumped right over to Newegg and bought XP, since I do not want to get involved with Vista. Next Windows Office 2000 iand Outlook are not supported by MobileMe, so I guess I will have to move my 300+ addresses to a Mac program. How do I get those addresses moved, or do I just need to stay with a newer version of Outlook? Thanks again...Linda
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    Mar 14, 2008

    Hi Linda
    I'm no outlook expert by any means, but a similar issue gave me quite the education - i left a job, but kept the hdd which had all my outlook correspondence. lo and behold, i had NOT exported the .pst or .ost files (where outlook 2003 keeps all archived info - .pst is archived, .ost is the current, not archived via Exchange Server) prior to giving back the laptop, and so, i had to figure out how to access the offline files, while tricking outlook into thinking my lappy was the peecee i had given back!

    From what i learned, the easiest way is to buy an app that will let you export your Outlook info (address book, contacts, emails, etc), but be sure it works with BOTH your outlook version AND the app you want to import into

    Sadly, outlook 2003 is diff. than earlier versions - so they have trouble playing nicely together - ditto crossing platforms! Many people have remarked that an easy way to transfer contacts is to use an online process (meaning, move all info to outlook express, then you can do some httpmail tricks to import it into or whatever you want).

    i 'found' an XP app online that will allow you to recover and convert .ost to .pst (with all emails and attachments, contacts, etc) - they are QUITE expensive software apps (WAY too expensive as far as most users are concerned) - from there, my guess is you can import it into Entourage, but i don't use Entourage yet, so...i THINK it works with earlier versions of outlook, but i'd have to check - if you have XP and want to use it, email me and i'll gladly share it with you (saved my heinie, i'll tell you that!).

    IDK if this helps you or not, but if you google 'outlook <your version> contacts export' you should get some leads. Good luck!

    m'self - bollocks! i'm just going to retype in all my contacts - too worn out after trixing TWO outlook accounts to access all the correspondence...:rolleyes:
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    Try googling for a program called O2M - it cost $10 and it can get Outlook Mail, Contacts and Calendar into an mbox format which you can dump in the Address Book I believe, or Entourage, Mail etc.

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