Can I get AppleCare for a replacement computer?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by compute, Apr 18, 2014.

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    hi folks,

    I know i should take this question to Apple but since we don't have Apple stores where i live and they can't be contacted until tuesday because of a holiday maybe you guys have an answer.

    I received a replacement nmp for an older model macpro 2009, the 2009 mp had been repaired a few times but the same problem always came back, after i believe 4 attempts to repair it Apple decided to just send me the latest model. The AppleCare on my 2009 mp has been expired for like 9 months now.

    Does anyone know if i can just buy Applecare for this machine after all it is a brand new and very recent model, whats Apples policy here...

    One of the reasons i'd like to buy AppleCare is because i'm experiencing this Coil Whine thing with this machine...some people are advising me to take it back but then i'm afraid the lady who arranged this replacement in the first place is going to think i'm nutjob...i mean how do i explain to her that if i put my ear on top of the computer i hear a coil whine :-D
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    Yes, you can. I have had to do it before on other Macs and Apple has never given me a problem.
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    I could also buy Apple Care for a replaced new MacPro


    A few years ago I had a similar situation.
    Apple sent me a new MacPro for an old one which could not be repaired and the Apple Care was long finished.
    I was even advised by the Apple employee who arranged the exchange to buy for the new computer an Apple Care!

    And regarding the noise which causes you problems, you should of course not have any need to put your ear on the computer but hear the annoying noise from your working position... if and only if the noise problem is present in your nMP!
    Many new MacPros are truly quiet according to their owners!
    It is not by any means a general bug of all nMP but affects only some of them!
    If you complain about a noise only audible but pressing your ear to the machine, Apple might not take you seriously since nobody usually does that...:D
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