Can I get by with a 64gig


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Jun 20, 2010
i know 256 is a nice luxury but can I reasonably get by with 64, I pay for 200gb cloud storage and don't keep any songs or movies on my phone


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Feb 9, 2008
Of course. I only keep about 30GB of stuff on my phone. I only use a handful of apps and don't keep much media on my device. Mostly just some music for workouts and commutes. I mostly just stream.

(That said, I bought the 256GB one)


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Mar 4, 2018
If you like to download music for offline listening when not around WiFi or cellular, then 64 GB might not be enough.

I don’t have that issue as I just stream music.

I also off load pictures and videos frequently off my phone onto my computer and back up.

If you don’t like doing that then it might not be enough, especially if you like to video in 4K; unless you frequently off load.

Chances are if your a procrastinator type, 256 GB won’t not be enough either. :D


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Sep 11, 2016
64GB is serious overkill for me but only you can answer as to if it's enough for you OP..

What storage size do you have now? How much of it is left? Are you going to change how you use that storage in the foreseeable future?
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Aug 14, 2010
I am a bit of a media hoarder and was worried about this too. Coming from a 128GB 7 Plus that I had 16GB free on I wasn't sure if the 64GB would be enough but it is. I have a better data plan now so I just stream the music I don't "need" to have with me all the time, currently have about 22GB free still. I also pay for 50GB of iCloud storage and my photos go there which saves me 5GB or so.
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