Can I get raw video out of 6s?


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Sep 19, 2015
So. Cal.
I shot some slo-mo video I need for a TV ad. It looks to blurry next to my pro camera stuff ALTHOUGH it looks great in the iPhone. Is there a way to bypass the compression in the phone? I sent the clip from Photos to iPhone iMovie and it dos not look too good. I bypassed iMovie and sent directly to my computer using DropBox and it still looks compresseed.
BTW - I could not get the slo-mo out of the camera without doing a small edit. Then I guess it renders. I did see that the newer versions of iMovie have a so-mo feature but I am stuck with Snow Leopard because that is all my version of Final Cut will work with.

Anyway - basic question is "how I get uncompressed video out the the iPhone."


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Jun 10, 2006
Maybe connect it to a Mac and import via Image Capture? Whatever video file shows in up in Image Capture I am guessing is the source video saved on the phone. That was the case with previous iPhones, if this doesn't work then I'm not sure to recommend as Image Capture reads the saved file on the device.