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Discussion in 'iPod' started by MLBballer04, Sep 13, 2008.

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    I have an XPS m170 laptop computer that I got christmas of 2005. It has XP service pack 2. I think I meet all requirements for iTunes 8. I downloaded iTunes 8 and I can hardly do anything. I bring up iTunes and it brings up "accessing iTunes Store" and loads. But "accessing iTunes store" keeps flashing. I click to view the metallica album and click a song. It takes several seconds before it starts the song. I had this problem with Itunes 7 and never decided to fix it because I could deal with it. But iTunes 8 takes a little longer then in the middle of the 30 second preview it will freeze. There isnt any detecting URL etc. It just froze. I cant click on anything, cant X out of it, anything! It even slows the rest of my computer when I try to get on internet explorer. Then it works and plays song a couple of more seconds then freezes again. It says program is not responding when I do ctrl alt delete. But it plays song and I can click again. But then repeats freezing again.
    I try to restore my computer to a day earlier (restore point yesterday) when I didnt have iTunes 8 and it didnt work bc it says I downloaded a new Itunes. I dont know what to say. I basically cant use Itunes and I only have 6 songs on my ipod. I trade it on and off itunes so i dont get sick of my songs. Itunes is busted if it keeps freezing.
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    do you rly want to know?
    the requirements for itunes 8 is xp service pack 3. so go get it offa windows update.

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