Can I have two distinct usernames on youtube?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by roisin and mac, Apr 16, 2010.

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    Okay, so far I have had just one youtube account, used for mostly random crap - faving movie clips and lolcats vids so I don't need to go through the process of searching for them again when I want to watch them on my iphone, and very occasionally uploading videos of the sillier variety - friends making funny faces, and that kind of stuff.

    But now I've just started a quick seminar on video art/video editing, and we are being asked to put work online. But this stuff is 'serious' work (as well as being all my own things, unlike the others where the video uploaded may have been at least in part shot by a friend), and consequently I might be directing potential schools or whatever to this youtube username to view my work. So I don't want my serious stuff to be lumped in with the silly entertainment-like stuff: one is work and the other is play, and I don't want to mix them. Especially with the scare stories you hear of people losing a position because of something they posted, I think it really pays to keep stuff separate as much as possible! It's not that I have anything truly objectionable on my existing account - the worst you could call this stuff is 'silly'. But 'silly' is not necessarily the image I want to project to a prospective school or employer! Kinda like how I wouldn't show up for an interview in my jeans with the frayed cuffs and my 'It's all fun and games until somebody loses a nut' tee :)

    I have thought about hosting one of the two accounts on another video-sharing website, but if I do that I won't be able to view my account on my iphone. Which is definitely no good for the Fun account, as this is pretty much its entire reason to be, but would also suck for my serious account because what if I want to check new comments or something while I'm on the go?

    I also thought about creating a whole new email address and opening the account with that, but that is a real pain in the neck. Either you have to get used to having the normally simple process of checking your emails take ages because of having to log into multiple sites, or you get everything into one email application (eg Mail), but then you keep forgetting to switch accounts and end up sending emails from the wrong account anyway.

    So I am thinking that opening two youtube accounts (ie, having two Youtube usernames, one for the fun stuff and one for my own videos) but under one email address would be the most practical solution. What I want to know is:

    a) is this actually feasible (ie, can you do it or do you get an error message if you enter an email address that's already in use by your other account)?

    b) Is it somehow frowned upon, considered dodgy behavior etc.?

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    d'oh :p

    That might answer a), but it won't tell me whether it is frowned upon!
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    as far as I know, after Google took over with their Google account + Youtube account linkage, then you can have only one username per email address

    however, you can have as many usernames with separate email addresses as you want

    I have 7.

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