Can I install Win 10 onto a external HDD for my MacBook Pro


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Jan 28, 2009
I need Win 10 on, but have limited SSD on my MBP. I have used Win 10 on my iMac using boot camp before, but that’s deleted so have my license.

Is there a way to have Win 10 on an external HDD and boot on MBP for when I need it?

I know maybe messy but don’t need all the time, and only at home.

Ideally boot camp, unless another way. I’m planning on using an old 500Gb USB HDD. It’s nothing critical so if fails don’t mind reinstalling etc. Only for basic tasks.



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Feb 14, 2007
Yes you can. I have had the best luck using thunderbolt drives and a USB flash drive for the install image. You will need access to a windows machine with a program called rufas to create the USB install image. If you don't want to use a thunderbolt drive it is still possible but there will be a few more steps. You can find those instructions on this form.
Good Luck