Can I install windows 8 on boot camp 3.0.4

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by youstolemyname, Feb 19, 2015.

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    May 8, 2013
    I have recently installed windows using boot camp 3.0.4. I have a Mac book pro mid 2009 13 inch 10.6.8.

    My question is I was told that I need to have boot camp 5.1 to run windows 8. I am running windows 8 on boot camp 3.0.4. The problem I am having is I have no sound on the windows 8. Is this because windows 8 is not suppose to run on boot camp 3.0.4. I was also not able to automatically able to down load the windows support software and I can find it anywhere. Is this because there is no support software for windows 8 on boot camp 3.0.4. I tried install boot camp 5.1 on windows 8 using my mac book but got an error message saying that this software is not for this computer. Do I have to run the the version of boot camp that came with my computer? I cant upgrade to boot camp 5.1 on a older mac book?Is the windows support software just the regular windows updates that I can get from the Microsoft web page

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    Update your OS to Yosemite. Then you'll have Boot Camp 5.1 on it.

    And no, Windows 8.1 won't run on older versions of Boot Camp properly.

    The Windows support software is not regular Windows updates. They contain drivers for your Mac's hardware and can only be obtained from Apple.
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    The windows support software are proprietary Apple drivers to make sure the computer works as intended on windows. You cannot get them from Microsoft. They are available to download with instructions here. Since your Windows is already installed you can skip most of the instructions.
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    Ok that it clear to me now. Thanks for the aswers:)
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    I updated to 10.10.2 . I am finding it lags. Has there been any know issues with 10.10.2 being lag. Also does my boot camp automatically get upgraded to 5.1 or do I need to do this ? I downloaded 5.1 an opened the setup in windows 8 but got a message saying this software ins not compatible with this computer.

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    System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Reduce Transparency. There are scattered reports of that helping with the UI lag issue.
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    All links not working on my pc to download 'boot camp 3.0' . I cant visit the page and unable to DOWNLOAD THE FILE 'boot camp 3.0' , Can anybody upload it Google drive or mail it me? on

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