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Oct 24, 2006
Hull, UK
Like many people, the home button on my iPhone 4 is intermittently rubbish. Its lost most of its clickiness, and its pretty squishy. I often have to mash it to do anything.

I was hoping there was another way I could invoke the app switcher bar, that appears at the bottom of the screen, without having to double click the home button. Perhaps theres an SBSettings hack to do this? My iPhone is jailbroken, so if theres something available via Cydia, let me know.

I looked into enabling the multitouch gestures to switch apps etc, but as far as I can tell, theres no way to enable it for my iPhone 4 which is running 4.3.3

Any help would be appreciated.


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Jun 9, 2009
Mich near Detroit
yes Activator will work. However I would make a Appt with Apple that's a known issue. they might even exchange it out of warranty. I just exchanged mine for the same thing a few weeks ago.
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