Can I move the default mail folder location?


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Jul 10, 2007
I've linked iTunes and Lightroom to a "my stuff" storage drive, separate from the startup disk, which I back up twice...once to an external drive and also to another external drive which I take off site and bring back for a monthly backup.

I'd like to treat my email the same way as my photos and music, but I don't see an option to tell Mail where to store my mail. Is there a way to make it write to an external drive instead of the user folder?

Obviously I could drag the entire mail folder onto the external drive, but that would defeat the purpose of using SuperDuper to automatically clone my storage drive.



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Dec 2, 2006
I don't see any options to change the default location either. Is there any way to sort of have a "duplicate" of the default folder? Like have a duplicate of it that updates along with the default in your "My Stuff"?


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Mar 14, 2004
Chicago, IL
You could try moving the folder and then putting an alias to it in the Library where it used to be (has to be the exact same name). I haven't tried this so I don't know if it works but I do know that this technique works for iTunes.

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