Can i or should i wait any longer :)


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Apr 3, 2004
OK i have been on the darkside of computing since late 2004. Had to get a pc back for games/work stuff. So i had to sell my lill 12" ibook 800mhz.

Since then i have never been happy with the way windows works and frankly i done give a jack about looking after my stuff on it, if you know what i mean? i have just given up about worrying about it . AS long as GRC says all my ports are closed and im ok i dont mind.

But this is not what i want from a computer, i want to go back to loving my experience, to enjoying turning it on and not seeing 1980's graphics called bios, no firewall issues and problems, slow downs and un expected hard drive loading, bad OS i mean how dated does XP look now? for a 5 year old OS it HAS stood its ground and i mean its not as dire as 98,95 or ME was is it? OR is it all a skin to make you think that ;)

I dont know but this is what i want in my computer :)

Come home, Turn on loads, check daily news page (boing), macrumors, email, work stuff, few documents.

When i plug my ipod in i dont want UNEXPECTED USB device not reconised or whatever it is lol i want itunes to fireup and auto load, i want my firewire port to recharge it (dont have one on pc). I want all my photos in one place i have so many i dont know where they are,

I want to be driven rather than drive my computer know what i mean? msconfig.sys anyone?

SO basicly i have a little bit of cash, MY pc is rubbish wires everywhere, I will need XP still but bootcamp has made my mind up here, I have a monitor OLD 21"crt but still good picture just takes up a lot of room but can live with this, will need new keyb + mouse just standard wired ones..

So i see the mac mini 1.66 duo As standard i belive it does what i need 1.66x2 512mb ram is ok for me at the moment, ram will be upgraded to 1gb when i got the dollar but i can live with it.

But what my real question is without all the ramblimg above is this ; :)

World of warcraft, yes im an adict :( if i get a mac and install it on it OSX side will i be able to use same servers? IF not i guess i can stall it on the XP partition i will be doing and use it as a pc? IF so how slow would this be?

IS there any impending update to the MAC mini in question in the next weeks? LAst time i got a ibook 2 weeks later same model was 100 quid cheaper and 200mhz faster :p ?

danke schon :)


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Mar 1, 2006
Fertile, MN

I own a Intel Mini!

I only get 13 or 20 fps on World of Warcraft in windowed mode. It actually runs slower in full-screen. I have not tried any other games, but I'm sure some other users can pitch in their experiences.

I have not installed XP on my computer, so I can't say if a game like World of Warcraft would do any better than in OSX.

Everything else besides gaming is on the snappy side of things! If you don't mind all-in-one enclosures, ditch the Mini and upgrade to an iMac. You get a lot more bang for the buck and you can also use your CRT with the iMac as well.


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Feb 2, 2005
I should also point out that World of Warcraft tends to run better under Windows XP than OS X; my fiance's Toshiba laptop with 1.6 GHz Celeron M/384 MB RAM and an integrated Intel GMA 900 runs WoW smoother (at lower settings anyway) than my iBook, which has a better processor (1.33 GHz G4), video card (Radeon 9550), and more RAM (1.5 GB). Blizzard optimized the game very well to run on integrated Intel graphics controllers in Windows.