Can I preorder wife's phone with my credit card?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pi6xjdskfa, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Sep 10, 2014

    My wife has iPhone 4 and is under her mom's Family Plan and upgrade eligible since Dec. 2012. Since her mom is not awake at 3a.m. tommorow how can I preorder a new 6+ on using her eligibility.

    My wife's phone is registered under her mom's account and I checked eligibilty on apple site using her mom's account data. My question is for 3a.m. this morning: will Apple allow me to purchase using her mom's eligibility data and my credit card?

    I bought the 5s last year and not sure what I had to do past the eligibility screen?

    I can also log into her mom's ATT account and order through that....
    Is there a difference between ordering with ATT and Apple?

    Does ATT just ship the phone to you as Apple does ?

    My wife basically uses the phone for facebook, text messaging and email.

    I am on a separate ATT personal plan with my 5s that I got a year ago. I want to buy the use her upgrade to get the iPhone 6+ and she can have my 4s or 5s.
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    Yes you can use any credit card to pay for the iPhone BUT it will only ship to the billing address of the voice plan.
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    I'm on a family plan that is under my mothers name and if I recall when I ordered the iPhone 5 I had to make the purchase with a CC in her name and the billing address had to be the same as the shipping address ie. whoever the account holder is. I could be mistaken on the CC part but I distinctly remember having to call my mother and ask for her info so I could order the phone. Keep in mind I was ordering a phone for myself under my name on the family plan but it didn't matter since she was the primary account holder. Luckily I ordered the morning after the 12am pre order rush and didn't have to wake the poor woman up in the middle of the night, haha!

    Don't quote me on all of this but be prepared to have all the info you need now before you get online at 3am to order. I've ordered from both Apple and ATT in the past and I found Apple easier but neither have been to much of a hassle.
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    Are you sure? Other poster says you need credit card belonging to the account holder?


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