Can I put my iTunes collection on a Time Capsule.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by danBARKER, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Oct 11, 2008
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    Hi, I was wondering about the Time capsule (I am thinking about getting a 1TB one) and was wondering if I could put all my music and TV shows etc on that and sync them to all my computers (Macs and a PC) in the network. I was also thinking that if I did this, when I buy stuff off iTunes, would it download straight to their.

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    Feb 25, 2008
    Yes, but...
    It will be slower than usual if you have a large library and are using wireless.
    To set it up, use this method:
    I used mine from an Airport Extreme USB port, and it was so slow that it would take my 65gb iTunes library 1 minute just to load, and another minute to actually play a song. Also, iPod syncs took almost twice what they used to take.

    It was very convenient though. All the computers in my house could access it at all times. Just be sure that if you have more than one computer trying to access the same iTunes library to make copies of each iTunes library every few days and rename each copy so that they can be used at the same time. (If you try to make two computers access one library file at the same time, neither will be able to save and iTunes will bombard you with error messages).

    That being said, if you have only one computer or a completely wireless network, this is NOT the way to go. Wired it would be acceptable, and if you have laptops, I understand the convenience it provides, but it is SOO much slower than if it is stored locally. Try to play a 1gb movie streaming and then tell me it is fast. If you only have one desktop and no other computers, definitely go for an Airport Extreme and and external hard drive plugged directly into your computer. If you have a desktop and a laptop, just leave the desktop on with iTunes open and turn on iTunes sharing, then you can have better performance the main computer, and the same performance as the Time Capsule would provide for the laptop.

    Be forewarned:
    The Time Capsule is made for backups, which can take as long as they need. It is NOT made for media streaming, and it will struggle, especially if your network is not a 5ghz N-only wireless network or ethernet.

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