Tablets Can I realistically use a Surface Pro 2 alongside my Mac environment?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by NotAdvisable, Feb 20, 2014.

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    G'day MacRumors,

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma - as I'm heading to aviation college next month I have to give up my job (as I fly 5 days a week) and along with that my extremely trustworthy 4th gen iPad.
    The only reason why I'm considering this is that last year I (kinda) used my iPad to take notes in lectures @ uni without much success, it's an amazing device but it's just not quick enough to use in the class.

    Legally in Australia I can use my iPad to navigate while flying using a specific application called OzRunways - and that's the only thing holding me back.
    I can't use the app during training (so I learn how to use paper as a backup first) but I was toying with the idea of buying an iPad next year once I've finished training.

    My dilemma is this: I'm dedicated to the Apple environment, and I want to replace my iPad with a Surface Pro 2 (with 256 GB storage and 8 GB RAM).
    The question remains is there anyone here currently using a Surface alongside a Mac as there main computer. Sure I know I can sync calendars & contacts via. iCloud Cal/CardDAV but how else can these two foreign devices work together?

    Any help much appreciated! :)
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    Aug 23, 2005
    Yes you can. I have one and I've been a mac user for 20 years and my primary machines are macs.

    However I use my Surface Pro 2 as a drawing/illustration device and as a table companion for my music and social networks. (its so easy having it on my desk next to my main mac and being able to interact with touch makes it ideal to just quickly press screen and get super quick access to bits that would otherwise clutter up windows or use other desktop screens on my mac).

    For me things like my Creative Cloud membership mean I can run software for both platforms and being a Microsoft MVP has its benefits too as it allows me access to software that I would otherwise have to double up on.

    So is it possible - yes

    But... everyone is different. If you don't have access to your software your going to be spending a lot of money doubling up software for both platform environments.

    I share files between the two via Skydrive and have my music from my mac put into my Surface via microsd as it makes it very quick to add. Xbox Music will also kick in and begin pairing your music in the cloud akin to iTunes match too...
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    Nov 16, 2011
    Perth, Australia
    Awesome, great to finally get some inside infomation from someone actually using a Surface as a secondary device to their Mac as a primary device.

    I have a 365 University Office subscription so I'm good for Office.
    Spotify for music.
    Adobe CC for the creative cloud.
    Also lucky being also still classified as a student through a university, I gain access to DreamSpark which has the more creative Microsoft programs available for free.

    If I get a Surface I only plan to use it as a secondary device, mainly for classroom notetaking.
    You've definitely left me with things to think about. Cheers!
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    with Dropbox and/or SkyDrive you can use just about any computer, any OS, in any envirnment. That being said, I also have a Surface Pro 2 alongside my iMac just fine.

    I'm seriously considering consolidating my iPad Air and MacBook Air 13-inch down to just the Surface Pro 2 because having an ultrabook with tablet capabilities makes much more sense for how I work. Thanks to cross platform cloud services, I can do all my heavy work (Excel and Outlook) at home on my 27-inch iMac and can easily take it all with me without any comprimises I would have when working on an iPad.

    Hope that helps!

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