Can I restore from an iPhone 3G to a new iPod Touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dmk1974, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Sep 16, 2008
    Last year for Mother's Day I gave my Mom an iPhone 3G. It isn't set up as a phone, but basically as an iPod (since I had pulled the SIM card and she doesn't need it as a cell phone).

    I would like to get her a new 4th gen iPod Touch so she can FaceTime and take decent video if needed.

    Can I restore a backup of the iPhone 3G to the iPod Touch and keep all pertinent settings and programs and so on? I know I would need to first make sure that the iPhone is updated to the current firmware prior to running the backup in iTunes. Just wanted to see if I'd encounter any issues going to a different type of device. Thanks!
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    Oct 27, 2010
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    Go for it!

    Back up iPhone 3G. Update iPhone 3G. Restore from that back up.
    Acquire new iPod Touch. When setting up new iPod Touch restore from that iPhone 3G back up.
    Easy-peasy. I recently was able to update my new iPhone 3Gs with a back up from my iPhone 2G. According to these forums:
    Sounds like you should be all set. I recently gave my mom my old iPod Photo, she loves it!!! Talk about a labor of love, I ripped all her music and put it on the iPod for Christmas. She is amazed that she doesn't have to carry around her CD case anymore. :D
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    you can't use a backup from a different device.

    iphone to iphone =yes;

    ipod to iphone =no;

    ipod to ipod = yes;

    ipad to iphone = no;

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    Oct 27, 2010
    East Coast
    How did these folks have success? MacRumors
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    Go for it. Like the man says above. Suppose it doesn't work? You've lost nothing.

    I think you may be wrong. iPad is slightly different to iPhone, yes, but it runs all iPhone apps. I couldn't say for certain, but you could probably restore from iPhone to iPad. However, iPad to iPhone may not be possible.

    I wouldn't put it past Apple to make it work though. A restore is just the info you have saved, your contacts, emails, texts, photos, and various bits of other information. There's nothing there specifically linked to iPad / iPhone, apart from some iPad apps that won't work on iPhone, and Apple may make it so that these apps are just silently dropped.

    Restore from old iPhone to new iPod, might be one or two issues, but overall, they are so similar it should work.
  6. Jonasgold macrumors member

    Mar 16, 2011
    I can personally confirm that I have used a backup from my iPod Touch (3Generation) to my iPhone 3GS. So it probably will work the other way around.

    One catch might that some apps (and their data) might not installed, cause the device doesn't support it(eg. apps that don't work without camera(for old iTouches) or apps that don't work without GPS(AFAIK no iTouch has GPS but they an use triangulation to get the place)).
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    I am getting a Verizon iphone later this afternoon, and I have an iPod Touch 4; according to Apple's technical dept, I can restore from the Touch to the Verizon iPhone.

    So long as you have the latest OS on the 3g, don't see why it can't go that way as well.

    Pls let us know when you do it, and how it worked.

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