Can I return iPod for this? Do I still have warranty?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Chone, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Chone macrumors 65816


    Aug 11, 2006
    How long do standard warranties last? one year? I bought my iPod in November something 2005 and now its chockfull of dead pixels (which appeared a few weeks ago in the forms of a huge line in the center of the screen but rubbed some off by massaging them and with the video flash things) right now it has tons of dead pixels (they are a cluster the size of the battery meter and there are some single stray ones too), can I return it? And better yet, is it possible to claim warranty at ANY Apple Store? Do I need any purchase proofs or anything? I still have the original boxes and receipt, besides, if the warranty is a full year, it would be impossible for any 5G iPod to run out of it :)

    Sorry, I've never done this with an iPod, oh and what are the chances of me getting a 5.5G iPod :p
  2. Foxglove9 macrumors 68000


    Jan 14, 2006
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    You don't need the box or receipt or anything. They have it all in the computer when they input the serial number of the ipod. You will have to fill out some forms though. Warranty is 1 year on hardware. Bought it at the Apple Store? You can go to any Apple store if that is the case. If it looks physically damaged I'm not sure how that will work out. You wouldn't be returning the item, instead just exchanging it for a working one if that was the case.
  3. abeyk macrumors regular


    Jul 9, 2006
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    the changes are that you get a brighter display (60 %), 50$ less, new search feature, better battery life for video (3.5), and 20gigs more if you buy the 80gigs version (only in black). :cool:
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    Aug 13, 2003
    you may also want to get the applecare protection plan, which would extend the warranty for another year. I think the plan costs $59 bucks, but you need to activate it before your regular 1 year warranty is up. Or you may want to save up your $59 bucks and get one of the new nanos if your current one dies before two years.

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