Can I set up an SE just on wifi?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Pjrufus, Apr 30, 2016.

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    This probably seems like a silly question, but gave an SE to a friend who's been using an old flip phone. He doesn't adjust to any new tech easily. Wondering if I can just go thru the set up without passcode, itunes/icloud pass, and without activating the phone number. I can set up the just wifi connection and he can play with it until he's comfortable enough with it, then later activate the phone number, add passcode, etc.

    Is that possible, or more trouble than it's worth?
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    Yes very easy to do as you stated. The only thing is you need a SIM card in the phone to get through the activation screen. It doesn't need to be an active SIM and you can remove it once it gets through the activation screen.
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    Like EDH said you need a sim card for initial activation but after that it can live on wifi - getting an updated SIM should your friend want to use it as their phone is very easy, definitely not more trouble than it is worth.
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    Thank you EDH! Worked fine.

    Had no idea SE uses 6-digit passcodes.
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    Came pre-installed with a T-Mobile sim. Just don't want to activate the phone number yet, as I think it will disable the phone he's using. Hopefully, wifi alone is only for a couple of days.
  5. rijc99, Apr 30, 2016
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    Click "Passcode Options" when changing or setting password to decide what type of password you want. 4 digit, 6 digit, custom numeric or custom alphanumeric.

    If you use "Custom Numeric Code" with a code containing anything OTHER than a 4 or 6 digit code, you will have to hit "OK" after the code. I.E. 3 digit code... 1,2,3,OK. versus 6 digit code... 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the phone automatically checks code.

    Having to enter OK is good if you have young kids who like to push all sort of stuff on your phone. This way it minimizes the potential they will hit the 10 password try limit and wipe your phone.

    Oh, and for the security minded... 4 or 6 digit option are susceptible to the brute force type of attack the FBI wanted to use.
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    Thank you.

    6 digits is really a pain. I've been using a passcode (4-digit) on my own iPad and iPhone 6+, just set up touch ID, so much easier.

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