Can I sync mail filters/folders across Mac mail on 2 computers for a single email address?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by radsten, Dec 2, 2015.

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    Dec 2, 2015
    Sorry in advance for any tech language issues, I'm quite computer impaired!

    Just started working as an EA to the director of a rapidly growing start up. There are a lot of staff in the field, but head office is just 3 of us right now. As a result, the director's inbox is overwhelmingly full of different things and I'd like to help make it more manageable for her by sorting the inbox into folders where certain messages will be redirected for now by keywords that show up regularly- (eg: Customer Feedback forms, Suppliers, Invoices, Staff messages, etc.) until such time as the team grows and we have dedicated staff/addresses for a lot of these things.

    I do however, need this to sync between our two laptops (and iPhones if possible) because we both do a lot of work from home. The email address in question is an 'IMAP' one, if that helps.

    Is there a way on the Mac for the folders/forwarding to sync across computers as well, or will I need to set up the exact same rules/folders on each computer individually? I know whether a message is 'read' or not will sync.

    Any other suggestions welcome, I've been a long time personal Mac user but always used Microsoft in a professional setting so I feel so lost.
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    Apr 1, 2014
    If the IMAP account is anything like gmail or outlook/live, there should be a webmail portion (or a administration portal) that creates labels (or folders) that synchronize to every device connected to the account. Then you create filters that sort the incoming mail by your rules and all devices have access to the same pre-sorted mail. This should work across all devices that support IMAP (phones/tablets/laptops/etc).
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    The IMAP server should have some kind of "rules" section that one could use to direct incoming messages to presented folders on the server, that can be setup on the IMAP server one synced to.
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    Apr 27, 2011
    As long as your IMAP mail server supports folders on the server (most do) there is no problem with syncing them. I use iCloud for mail and regardless of the device used (multiple macs, iPad, or iPhone) all my folders show up on all my devices. It is possible in mail to create local folders and these will not sync between devices.

    I use server based rules to sort my incoming email based on various criteria. My tech articles go into one folder, special interests go into their respective folders, and some get sent automatically to trash. I have other folders that emails get sent to manually such as a Later folder for later review and an Action folder for emails that need to be filed as a PDF in my filing system.

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