Can I Tell a Diff. b/w MBP vs. MB?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by theturtle, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Aug 3, 2009
    Hello, could I get some help on my dilemma.

    So I sold my 2014 13 inch MBPr a couple of months ago. I wasn't using it and thought it might be time to just save money and wait for the refresh.

    I originally had an air but then went to a 15" MBP when I told myself "what if I start editing photos or movies." I ended up never doing that. At that point I said okay, the 13" would be a good midpoint, portable yet still powerful enough to edit things and do cpu intensive stuff. Never did any of that.

    Now I came across a pretty good deal for the m3 macbook and I'm wondering whether I should wait and pay 400+ more for the redesigned macbook pro. I'm telling myself that I could use the extra power but in the past 9 years, I have yet to edit a photo or do video editing BUT I could start next year, right? No one knows.

    That being said, what performance differences would I have felt between the current MBPr 13" (as thats the newest 13" I can compare it to) versus the 2016 macbook? Would running a browser windows concurrently with a youtube video feel juttery on the macbook compared to the pro? Would surfing feel smoother on the pro? I see lots of benchmarks but I don't know exactly how that applies to day to day stuff. Are those benchmarks only noticeable when i do editing? Or will it be noticeable in all the day to day light browsing, typing, multiple windows, blah blah blah.

    TLDR: Trying to figure out if its worth buying a macbook right now for a good price or waiting for the pro and spending 500 more to be future proofed even though I might not use the power.
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    Oct 28, 2014
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    FWIW - I sold a 2013 MBP and now have a MB as my portable computer. I routinely run ~ 15 browser tabs plus MS Word plus an editor - with no issues whatsoever. I can also run P*shop on it just fine for simple operations. The only time it bogs down noticeably is during processor intensive stuff like Excel and high-level P*shop editing. As a travel computer, I'd highly recommend it. Caveat - make sure you go try the takes some getting used to. I don't "prefer" it by any stretch of the imagination..but now I'm at least used to it.

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