Can I use a Seagate Goflex drive with standard SATA (internal) cables?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by LimeiBook86, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    So here's my question. I'm about to buy this External Seagate 3TB GoFlex USB 3.0 drive from Amazon. A lot of people are complaining that it disconnects and that it's either the drive's fault or the fault of the USB port. Seagate says there's a software update to prevent it from spinning-down, but who knows if it's that or a physical connector issue. So if this is a problem with the USB adapter/circuitry they use and not the drive itself, it may be okay if I used a different way of connecting it to my Mac. (People also say the USB port gets very hot, so that may be causing the odd issue...)

    So I was thinking, I can remove the USB/SATA GoFlex port, and use my own SATA to USB 2.0 adapter that I have here (just in case). I've seen photos of the bottom of the GoFlex drive with the Seagate USB/SATA adapter removed, and it looks like the standard female SATA data/power ports. So I was wondering if it's possible to just insert standard SATA data and standard SATA power cables to it?

    I'm not sure if anyone has tried this or if anyone can test this out. I have a fear that the GoFlex adapter may reach deeper inside the enclosure than a standard SATA data or power cable. (at least it looks that way in the photos)

    Can anyone test this out? The model I'm looking at seems to be slightly different than the previous ones, this drive seems to be one slick rectangle.


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