Can I use Airtunes without an Airport Express?


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Jun 17, 2009
My third Airport Express in less than four years has just given up the ghost which has made me realise that they're very cheap, badly made pieces of crap. I'm currently borrowing my parents' Linksys Wifi router which has much greater range (covering my entire house - suddenly I can check emails on the loo!) and has also confirmed that all the internet problems I was having was in fact the APE and not my MacBook Pro or Snow Leopard.

So my question is: can I send my iTunes music from my MBP to my hi-fi over my wireless network without the need for an Airport Express?


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Jul 8, 2009
You need some device that can make wifi signals -> audio signals. This is what the express can do. However airfoil have a product called Airfoil Speakers which will let any machine show up in Airfoil as a speaker. I have my stereo connected to my Mac Mini Mediacenter and stream my music to that.


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Jan 10, 2008
I don't. My friend does though...
I'm not sure if there's a limit on how many are covered, so if your friend needs the service later...

Worth looking in to, though.

Really? Wish I knew this before I threw my dead one out.
I've actually been looking for a dead Express on eBay lately, and the non-working ones go for around $45-50, ever since David Pogue posted an article about peripherals being covered.
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