Can I use iPhone 6 plus as live video camera connected via USB

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    Dec 13, 2014
    Hello folks,

    I plan on using my iPhone 6 plus for recording talks and conferences. Is there a possible way to connect the iPhone to a MacBook via USB/Lightning cable and record in 720/1080 resolution directly?

    Eventually I want to process the data in Screenflow and I was hoping I could avoid the need to download the video from the iPhone first to the MacBook. Perhaps there is an app I could use to get the picture from the external iPhone to the Mac. I am not looking for a wireless solution like EpocCam unless you know of a way that is both stable and offers a good latency (again, not action shots, just slow moving talkers at conferences).
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    you might not like my answer, but the answer is YES!!!!

    a new feature of quicktime and image capture on os x 10.10 and iOS 8 is the ability to record live video off an iPhone screen over the lightning cable, but the files can be very large. but after you are done recording , you can re-encode them using a program like "handbrake" to make them smaller

    in order to get sound ( from the app that was running0 i had to select ' use iPhone microphone '

    this is great for recording demos , and to record iPhone screens for presentations.

    when i first heard about this, my natural reaction was to run out and try to record something off of netflix. sadly this feature was disabled, but i was about to record other apps like wwe

    it records whatever app is running, so if its running camera, it will record the camera

    here is lame video i made to show the captured video
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    Dec 13, 2014
    Thanks, but if I record the video I need to get rid of the controls. Any way to do that?

    Sound is not an issue as I would always use an external mic to record talks.
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    yeah i don't know about hiding the controls though if you hide them from the screen , they won't be on the video

    maybe image capture?

    if use iPhone microphone is not checked then quicktime cant record whatever sound is coming off the iPhone
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