Can I use my Sony Bravia TV as a Display?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by knobtwiddler, Nov 14, 2009.

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    How do I connect my macbook (Intel core 2 duo) to my Sony Bravia TV to use as a display? Mostly I want this for watching video from my computer on my TV so I can stop wasting time converting DVD's. I found similar questions posted already but I'm still a little stumped.
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    If you have a plastic bodied MacBook prior to the newest "unibody" plastic models you'll need a Mini-DVI to HDMI converter and then a separate audio cable depending on what input your TV has/allows to partner with HDMI. If you don't have HDMI+Audio on the TV available you can go Mini-DVI to DVI or VGA, again, depending on your model TV.

    In any case, you'll need 3.5mm to whatever type of audio input pairs with whatever video port you have available on the TV.

    For all your cable/video adapter needs hit up They're far cheaper than Apple or any brick-and-mortar electronics store for adapters and cables.

    If you carefully read through a few of the threads already on this topic you'll see the same answers every time. Without port specifics for your TV I can't link you to specific cables/adapters, but hopefully with your owners manual you can figure out what's available to pair with what (in terms of video+audio ports on the TV side)

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