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Nov 8, 2014
Left Coast
I have very little experience with third party chargers though I have bought usb cables from truck stops. They always worked for 3 days then never again. And though I sometimes cringe at the cost of Apple accessories I have always found them to be the best. I did purchase a Belkin 2.1 amp 12V charger, but it was sold at an Apple Store so I knew that it was certified. And now that I have a 1000 dollar iPad Pro 12.9 I cerntinlly won't risk a third party charger unless it is certified by Apple.
I hope this helps a bit.


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Oct 11, 2007
That seems about right for me as well. And it is indeed a bit of an investment, €39 for the cable, €59 for the usb-c charger and there goes another 196 bucks because it was so good and fast, I bought a second one. One at home, one at the office for a quick top up. I've got the 12W charger for the night, then it doesn't matter that much if it takes a whopping 5 hours to charge.
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Southern Dad

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May 23, 2010
Shady Dale, Georgia
How much faster is it to charge?

It's not even comparable. There were times that I was charging while streaming video and it was actually losing ground. That does not happen now that I'm using 29 watt. When I charged my iPad Pro 12.9" AT"&T using the factory charger and cable it took around five hours each time. The 29 watt can charge it in around two hours.
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