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Oct 31, 2011
I recently bought the iPhone 4S from amazon and currently it has been jailbroken on iOS 5.1.1. The seller also sent original apple composite cable with the yellow, red and white wires on one end and apple 30 pin dock connector and USB (for power) on the other. Along with that i also got the apple universal dock (original) but that seems to be old model as there is no mention of iPhone 4/4S in them and not even 3GS. But iPhone 3G is there. So i believe it is from the pre iPhone 3GS era but it does work for charging 3GS/4/4S. It also has a remote along with it and different adapters for other devices like old iPod nano etc. The dock also has a line out.

Coming back to main query,
Can i use the composite cable, connected to the dock on one side and other side connected to the TV and use my jailbroken iPhone 4S (with displayout tweak installed), to mirror the iPhone's screen on TV ? I believe i do not even need to install the resupported tweak from cydia since these cables are all original.
If yes then can i then use the remote to control the iPhone from across the room ? Like changing between the images etc ?

The reason i am asking this now is because currently i do not have access to a TV and won't get for next 2 months or more.
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