Can iCloud or Photostream do this...?

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    My parents live fairly far away (10 hour drive), and I'm thinking I might give them an older iPad2. They are not very technologically capable. They've had PC's for years, but pretty much only know how to get to their inbox, a few bookmarked websites (they still click on sneaky gif image ad links), and my mom is addicted to Windows Solitaire.

    Anyhow, I'd like for photos that I upload into albums on my MacBook or iPad3 to appear on their iPad2 so they pretty much get instant access to new event photos. I don't really want every random photo I take to get photostreamed to them, because I often delete them and never really save them into albums or events. I pretty much just want Event photos to stream up to them.

    Is this do-able?
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    Yes, you can create a shared photostream and add any photos you choose to it (new photos are not added automatically)
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    Exactly: [FONT=.HelveticaNeueUI] [/FONT]

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