Can iPhone 4 come back to ios 6 from ios 7 ?

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    I'm going to update iPhone 4 to ios 7. One thing i'm concern about is that iPhone 4 won't run ios 7 smoothly.

    So i i have both ipsw which i manually downloaded for: ios 6.0 and ios 7.0

    I'm running on ios 6 JAILBREAK. So if i wouldn't be happy with ios 7, i'd like to come back to 6.0

    Will i face any problem? Can i go back to 6.0 from 7.0? Hope itunes won't allow me to do that if it can, but how?
    I have iTunes 10. Do i need to download iTunes 11 to be able to update to ios 7?
    And if you already have experienced ios 7 on iPhone 4, please share it ! Thank you
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    Glad you asked before you updated to iOS 7. Open cydia and press the TSS center, does it show any iOS 6.0-6.1.2 SHSH blobs?

    If not, then there is an alternative for the iPhone 4. Download iFaith (windows only) and dump your SHSH blob. It'll come with a .ifaith extension so keep that, don't lose it! That will help you downgrade back to the iOS version you're on right now

    Downloading the ipsw alone is meaningless; the SHSH blob (for the iPhone 4) is what will allow you to downgrade. You can only downgrade/upgrade to the version of the SHSH blobs

    You will need 11.1 to update to iOS 7 (using iTunes)

    You will need to downgrade iTunes to at least 11.0.5 to perform the downgrade. When you downgrade, make the custom ipsw with the SHSH blobs stitched using either iFaith or sn0wbreeze. Enter pwned DFU mode after the custom ipsw is made. Open iTunes and shift + click restore and choose the custom ipsw iFaith and sn0wbreeze made for you

    The downgrade should go smoothly and you can jailbreak with evasi0n afterwards

    I've heard one or two devs on twitter saying iPhone 4 on iOS 7 is ridiculously slow but I'd take that with a grain of salt until you try it yourself. Everyone's perspective of "slow" and "fast" could be different

    Edit: by default, every time you open cydia, cydia will try and get whatever SHSH blobs it can for you from apple and upload the blob onto its server. However cydia messed up in how they grabbed the iOS 6.0-6.1.2 SHSH blobs so for those who didn't get them manually, their blobs aren't usable. You can get your SHSH blobs manually using tinyumbrella, redsn0w, or iFaith. You can only grab the latest signed firmware versions from apple

    Edit 2: iFaith only dumps SHSH blobs for the version you are on. So if you're on 6.1, then it'll dump SHSH blobs for 6.1
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    Great post! The clearest ios 6 downgrade guide on here.

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