can iphone act as a router and modem?

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    hi i have a verizon wireless internet card i use for my computers, and i have found out that only my mac can produce a ad hoc network with working internet. i might get an iphone soon, and i was wondering if i can set it down somewhere, and have it act as if its both a router and a modem. if someone could please answer it would be well appreciated. thanks in advance!
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    Feb 14, 2009
    no you can't.

    jailbroken iphones could use mywi to use the iphone as a router, but that was for 3.0x. it doesn't work in 3.1 anymore.
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    The word you're missing is 'tethering.'

    That's what you're asking about. If you search for that word you'll find a billion posts on the subject. The short answer is "no, you can't" if you're in the U.S.

    Search the forum for tethering if you want the long answer.
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    just a quick question i've been wondering about and couldn't find the answer in search...

    when/if we get tethering is that done threw the USB cable to my MBP or via bluetooth etc.......
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