Can iPhoto organize by name rather than date?

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    I know if I have a folder on my computer and drag it into iPhoto, iPhoto will duplicate that folder and put it in the iPhoto photo library under 'originals' with the same folder name.

    I know if I import photo from my camera directly into iPhoto and in the import screen I type in an event name iPhoto will do the same thing.

    But, if I drag a photo (or multiple photos), or don't type in an event name at the import screen of iPhoto, iPhoto will create a separate folder in the iPhoto photo library with the date the photo was taken on. How do I change this so that it goes into the proper folder I add it to in iPhoto? Or, if add an event name after importing, iPhoto won't create that folder, it'll keep the picture(s) in the folder it created with the date the pic was taken on.

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    Thanks in advance!

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    This is the reply I gave in another thread, but it's relevant here:

    Since the introduction of events in iLife '08, photos were stored in folders named after the event. Change the event name, the folder name changed.

    In iLife '09, unless you actually specify a name for the event at time of import (or in your case from a folder name somewhere else on the computer), it will give the folder the name after the date the first photo was taken. And as far as I know, nothing can change that. Successive imports form photos with the same date will create new folders, incrementing the folder name.

    I assume this structure is to maintain efficiency in accessing events and editing. The main library database needs to keep track of the event names, and I guess it doesn't allow changes to maximise efficiency in not having to re-edit the database every time.

    I personally prefer the older way of naming folders after the event, but since I have given up on the concept of managing my own files, so long as iPhoto knows what is going on, and it keeps the front end organised as I have organised it, it matters little to me. Frankly, you're not really supposed to look at the original photos, as iPhoto is a manager, not really an organiser, if you know what I mean.

    98% of what you would want to do with the folder structure is doable using iPhoto - if you need files stored in iPhoto, that is what the export is for.

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