Can iTunes be simple again?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by FrankieTDouglas, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Can the new iTunes just be... simple, again? I keep it in Songs view, but when I type in a particular thing, I'd prefer it keep my choices in Song view (aka, boring text view) rather than take me to the disorganized and chaotic "other" views. I don't care for album art, I just want the title of the song to play. It's confusing, and I'm honestly rarely using iTunes now because I don't feel like having to relearn how to navigate something that wasn't broken before. If I want to hear all the versions of "Hallelujah," I used to just type the song out until the iTunes library disappeared to only those selections. Now, I select from a marginal list of results, click on one (double click, not single click), but it doesn't resort my song selections. Repeat this step every time I want to change to a different version (do a new search each time, because that list doesn't seem to store). I feel like I'm browsing music on an iPhone rather than a much more comprehensive and accessible computer.
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    This is what this forum is for, if he has issues with it, he has the right to complain about it, and I am pretty sure he's not the only one, plenty of complaints.
    I for one wish iTunes isn't so bloated do it all App, just give me a music player like it used to be, and OK, maybe even a video player but what is it now, App store, music and video store, iPhone sync, books, internet radio and so on....
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    My apologies, just had a bad day, and lol the first thread I opened was this and ended up writing junk.
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    I personally enjoy the all-in-one approach of iTunes 11 very much. I don't have to launch another App to browse the App Store or to look new releases, which is always a plus.:)

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