Can My iPhone connect me to the other world ?

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    Through all ages in the ancient world, people believed in luck and blessings. People in that time used to go to a witch or a wizard to check their luck for their day or their tomorrow.

    In the old world, people had many methods for a luck check.

    Some people used to bring a bird to a wise person and ask him to check their luck regarding what they were about to do, like marriage, traveling, trading, almost everything.

    the wise person sets the bird free and sees which way does it flies, if to the right it means something, if to the left it means another thing, and so on.

    Other people used rocks, hit them together, a wise person can see how they fall on the ground and analyze the luck percentage.

    In this application, we bring you what they all had, we let meet your own wise person, no rocks or birds needed.

    We picked four animals, those animals were not randomly chosen, they mean something, click randomly on these pictures, then the application will calculate your luck in percentage.

    After you finish your test and get your percentage, get a tip before you leave.

    Wishing you all the best in life.

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