Can No Longer Enable iCloud Music Library

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    I used to use iCloud Music Library just fine on my iPhone but now it no longer will let me enable it. The toggle switches to on and a moment later i get the following error message.

    It works fine on my other iPhone as well as on my iPad. Any idea? Thanks!

    P. S. I already signed in and out of the Apple ID, even switched to another Country and back into it and no change.

    Oh and not sure if it relates but before it stopped working all together I couldnt download any of my iTunes Match albums either but streaming worked fine.

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    I had the exact same issue occur a few days ago; I tried restoring from iCloud backup, calling Apple Support, as well as the country change and sign out/sign in that you mentioned. Unfortunately the only thing that fixed it for me was the thermonuclear option of completely wiping the phone and starting over from scratch. I'm sure that this is not what you were hoping to hear - and hopefully you can find a quick fix - but for me it wasn't too bad... I like to start fresh every year or two anyway :)
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    I had the same error... Signed out and back into Apple ID worked for me.

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