Can not netboot all of a sudden.

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    I have been imaging labs for a while using the bombich software.

    Our image is a leopard image (10.5.5) that we are distributing using a G5 tower with Tiger Server 10.4.11.

    Everything has worked for a year and all of a sudden I can not image intel machines.

    I can still netboot power pcs.

    When I try to netboot a intel from across the campus I get the blinking globe then eventually the machines starts setup assistant.

    When I attempt to netboot from the same room (G5 server to switch that has network and imac connected) I get the blinking globe twice then the iMac restarts.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    I have issues like this once in a while too. Usually a restart of the service fixes it. I use the service heavily during summer when I redo all the schools and staff computers. I am wanting to switch over to Deploy Studio over the summer, especially if it supports the 600mhz iMacs the school still uses.

    Netrestore/Netrestore Helper is not supported anymore, so it might very well be a smart move to switch to something that does have support, like Deploy Studio.

    Deploy Studio

    Another quick fix is to redo the initial Intel Netrestore boot image.

    What does your log indicate?

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