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May 1, 2015
Hopefully someone can help me.

Today I purchased a key for Windows 10, and installed it using Bootcamp on my MacBook. Everything went great, Windows works great, and I am able to access my work servers using Radmin.


I went to return back to OSX and I am unable to.

I tried holding the option button during start up to select my disk, but I was only greeted with the Windows option.

In Windows, I went to the bootcamp menu and chose restart in OSX, but it led me back directly to Windows again.

I tried using safe mode, but the command was ignored and I was brought right back to Windows, yet again.

On a last ditch effort, I entered recovery mode. I went to recover from internet, then I chose install a new version of OSX. My MacBook was deemed "eligible" and after completion, the computer restarted and I was sent right back to Windows.

Does anyone know how to help me get my computer back...?


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Aug 4, 2015
I think that you didn't format the partition that was created by bootcamp. I think that you formatted the OS X partition. If you have fast internet and a backup/docs in the cloud (dropbox, drive, iCloud, one drive), I would just erase everything and install OS X from scratch.


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Jul 23, 2008
Hearst Castle
Step one: are you familiar enough with Windows 10 that you can verify you do, in fact, have (1) a partion, (2) which is formatted in Mac OSX Extended (Journaled), and (3) has all the OSX executables to boot into OSX?

Also, don't let this put you off from bootcamp. When it works, which is almost always, it works great. Mac hardware runs Windows better than PCs do.
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