Can one log onto iTunes and update a device at the apple store?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by aethelbert, May 18, 2008.

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    None of the forums seemed right for this question, so I figured that I'd just put it into the forum for everything.

    I'll be in and out of New York City in late June (23-30) and I want to upgrade my iPhone and iPod to 2.0 while I'm there. Knowing Apple, when they say "late June," they mean late. The thing is that I can't install iTunes onto my work computer, so I can't use that. I'm planning on visiting the 5th avenue cube store while I'm there sometime, and I'm wondering if I could just update via one of the in-store macs. For the iPod, would it be possible to log into iTunes and buy the update and have it synced? It doesn't seem like this would be a problem, but knowing my luck, it would quickly turn into one if I counted on updating there.
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    No one is allowed ever to dock their iPods or iPhones to the computers at an Apple store due to the fact these computers are all logged into Demo iTunes accounts which you can purchase actual full songs on. Trust me I've tried it only to have a Mac Specialist come running at me screaming "Sir... Sir!!! You can't do that!" Now, whenever I need to charge my iPhone in the apple store I just hide at a corner mac and use a mac that had an iPhone originally in its dock.

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