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Discussion in 'macOS' started by mensta, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Sep 2, 2011
    Hi everyone,

    I've been following these forums forever but this is my first actual post because I've run into some trouble and I need some help.
    I have a Macbook pro mid-2010. It came with Snow Leopard and I installed Windows 7 using Bootcamp. So far so good. When Lion came out, I naturally upgraded to it. At first things went well, I could still access my Windows partition and Lion was playing along wonderfully. Until a few days ago when Lion decided to die on me.
    Currently, I am only able to boot into Windows. At startup, I tried the option key to show all the available disks. I see the Lion partition, the Lion Recover partition and the Windows partition, however, I get kernel panics when I try to boot into Lion or the Recovery disk. So, I decided to try and boot from my external G-drive. This drive has a clone of Lion setup which I created with SuperDuper immediately after Lion setup was finished. It even has the Lion Recover partition.
    Holding option shows me:
    Internal drive with Lion, Lion Recovery and Windows 7
    External G-Drive with Lion and Lion Recovery.
    Everything except Windows 7 causes a kernel panic upon boot.

    Here's what I tried:
    Starting with shift (extensions-disabled) seemed to work in the beginning as the disk churned away and looked like it would actually boot into Lion but failed soon after with another kernel panic.
    Started in verbose mode to see if I could spot anything... kernel panic
    Started in single user mode and rand /sbin/fsck/ -fy. This was really promising as it repaired many problems on the disk but trying to boot after it was finished resulted guessed it, another kernel panic.
    I have not had the chance to try with my Snow Leopard Install CD because I'm on vacation and I've left it back home so that will have to wait.

    In short, I've tried everything except the Mac OS X Install CD but only Windows 7 manages to boot. :mad:

    I'm suspecting that something has happened to the drive's boot sector (MBR on Windows, not sure what it's called on the Mac). My Mac is no longer able to boot from anything OS X and I desperately need any help I can get.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I also tried zapping the pram and the other thingie that you do at startup (press power button, command and option and release at the same time to zap the energy settings. I may have written the key combination wrong but I can't remember the keys now. However, I'm sure I did it right cause I followed the Apple Support document)
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    Could you find a fix now? Me too in the similar situation. It all started differently but the end result is same. Can only boot to windows 7 on the pre-installed OS X Lion MBP mid 2011 model. I think, EFI got messed up and not the MBR. Me too tried PRAM, but it did no good other than resetting the clock and three consequent chimes. In my case, recovery disk is not showing up on booting with option key or Command + R.

    If you get access to recovery disk, you can do the clean install.

    If you have resolved already, please let met know.

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    Can you post a picture of the boot text in verbose mode?

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