Can play MKV's from an external usb3 WD HDD?

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  1. mach250, Nov 26, 2014
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    I'm looking to buy something but I have an Ipad Air and two of These WD HDD's. I've been using a ****** old laptop thats barely working to watch the movies and I have my ipad just sitting there not being used.

    Can I buy some kind of usb cable for an ipad and play the mkv's from the drive on the ipad??? Would save me $$$ and time if it does.

    currently jailbroken
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    Dec 10, 2011
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    Dec 10, 2011
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    Can play MKV's from an external usb3 WD HDD?

    If you do some querying online (I'm not going to post any links), I'm pretty sure you'll find a solution (requiring jailbreak). Otherwise, you may just want to add the movies manually to your iPad via iTunes or a jailbreak utility and use a suitable video player or copy them into a different container (I.e. MP4) and use the stock video app on a per-video basis.
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    you cannot connect a usb hard disk to an iPad and play movies
    the iPad is a "client" your hard disk is a client. they both need a "server" to talk to.
    if only the iPad was firewire!!!!!

    if u want to play movies u have the following choices:

    1. copy movies to itunes and sync them to your iPad
    2. copy movies to itunes and watch them on your iPad using home sharing
    3. i recently found this one out! you can airdrop movies from mac to an iPhone
    and they will show up in photos.
    4. run a plex server. all your movies will play over your home wifi network and over the internet (with a plex pass subscription ) on your iPad. plex will handle getting descriptions and catalog them and will transcode them
    5. i think its been banned again!!! but video lan vlc for iOS ( the second version) was in the app store. and this one had its own web server where you can upload movies to your iPad for watching over wifi
    6. upload them to google drive or iCloud drive ??? i haven't tried this

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